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Send your request and book your yoga session. It could be in a group setting with friends, family or colleagues. Tailor made private session in the privacy of your own home or at a special Event.







All life is in a constant flux of change. Through continuous movement, Vinyasa, we reflect on the impermanence of all form. By accepting this universal fact and having our breath lead the way we aim to achieve balance. Vinyasa has both physical and mental benefits. Our bodies get re-energised by releasing toxins through focusing on range of motion, pace and strength. Synchronised breathing helps to relax the mind and release blockages of energy throughout our bodies. This enables us to keep our aliveness and continue to enjoy active daily life.



Practice with me

If you wish to take a moment for yourself to tune in and find balance I‘d love to have a session with you, hold that space and support you on your journey.

Practice at work with colleagues and tap in to the place of balance between body and mind. Practice with friends and family on a regular basis or at a special Event or Retreat. You can always practice with me in the privacy of your own home or in a sacred place you hold dear to your heart.

Yoga is for everyone and all levels. If you are here and alive you can yoga. Come as you are and celebrate life with me.

With love, Pegah




How are we connected

Read my thoughts below


What is a relationship, the nature of one. What does it contain and how do one piece it out. When I think about it I can see that we’re having a relationship with every from, on the planet and in the universe. Technically speaking if our point of contact is our body, our relationships is from that point to all there is. 

Then another question arises. How can one feel closer to another human being whilst being miles apart yet more distant to another whilst living under the same roof. 

It’s simple. It’s universal. It’s energetic. 

See, everything that moves is fuled by energy. Our bodies - beating hearts, breathing lungs and even our thoughts - we are never still. Stillness in body doesn’t exist simultaneously as energy. When still, the energy has left the body and you are declared dead. In nature all life has movement. Even the rocks have an energy field. We have seasons and it’s constantly in a flux of change. And so is the Universe.

It's all constantly moving and therefore is charged with some kind of energy. With whatever charge it's moved throughout with the speed of light. We’re constantly sending out vibrations and energetic charges all around us. When connecting with or finding tension with another person, topic or situation it speaks to your being and your energy either positively or negatively. 

As you are living in your body you know and have experienced many different emotions arising in your body. Is seems like it’s coming from nowhere and to nowhere it returns. That is, if your mind isn’t trying to find reasoning behind this energy passing through your consciousness. 

Thinking of someone or something is always charged with a feeling, with a pattern of thought and can be with or without intension. Either way this bundle of thought that is energy is created and can either get stuck in your being, or radiant out. Two people can therefor communicate through this beautifully energy sending back and forth. 

If you ever encountered knowing something would happen or even thought about someone and that person just happened to reach out to you - you know what I’m talking about. That’s us communicating and having a relationship without speaking. 

Many conclusions can come from this. One of them is mind your thinking. Your feelings are connected to your thoughts and your intuition. The more empty you are the more capacity you have to receive the language of the universe. You can be in and out of it and that is your relationship with yourself.

You see, everything is in relationship to everything.