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Yoga Booking

Send your request and book your yoga session. It could be in a group setting with friends, family or colleagues. Tailor made private session in the privacy of your own home or at a special Event.







All life is in a constant flux of change. Through continuous movement, Vinyasa, we reflect on the impermanence of all form. By accepting this universal fact and having our breath lead the way we aim to achieve balance. Vinyasa has both physical and mental benefits. Our bodies get re-energised by releasing toxins through focusing on range of motion, pace and strength. Synchronised breathing helps to relax the mind and release blockages of energy throughout our bodies. This enables us to keep our aliveness and continue to enjoy active daily life.



Practice with me

If you wish to take a moment for yourself to tune in and find balance I‘d love to have a session with you, hold that space and support you on your journey.

Practice at work with colleagues and tap in to the place of balance between body and mind. Practice with friends and family on a regular basis or at a special Event or Retreat. You can always practice with me in the privacy of your own home or in a sacred place you hold dear to your heart.

Yoga is for everyone and all levels. If you are here and alive you can yoga. Come as you are and celebrate life with me.

With love, Pegah



My perspective

This is where I pour my heart out. If you wish to read more about me, my journey and my thoughts on life click the button below.