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SYMBOL - THE scorpion


ELEMENT - water

QUALITY - fixed


KEY WORD - I desire

POLARITY - taurus




This is the sign of extremes. Clearly you are a bundle of contradictions encompassing the best and worst in human nature. The key to your personality is intensity. Magnetic, emotional and capable of exerting tremendous force, your strength is hidden in the depths. In the sign of Scorpio the element of water is fixed, an image that suggests an iceberg or a bottomless well. You may appear impassive and sometimes unapproachable but turbulent passions are always roiling underneath - invisible on the surface.

You live on many levels. While you present a calm and smiling face to the world, you’re ferociously persistent and extremely strong willed. You are also flexible when it comes to working out solutions. You’re extremely agile when it comes to sidestepping obstacles ang figuring out a dozen new ways to get to your goal. In a wonderful paradox, flexibility is one of your most effective methods of controlling situations.

Scorpio is the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac because of its complications and convolutions. You’re someone of incredible depth and brilliance and your inner psyche is a labyrinth of wheels within wheels, boxes within boxes. Even when you seem to be at ease and relaxed you’re always trying to figure out your next move, evaluating and woking out strategies. When you are in control you feel safe.

Your Scorpio evolution is the journey toward controlling in positive ways. Putting order into chaotic situations, being of use to others and thereby filling your need. More than natives of any other sign you live at a high pitch of emotion. The positive aspect is your unswearing dedication once your emotions are engaged. This you seek to give your life a meaningful pattern and to find a deeper purpose.

You have a philosophical turn of mind. Your sixth sense enables you to intuit things before they happen. You are blessed with a native understanding of the human heart and great awareness of life’s secrets. All the water signs tend to be psychic but you can delve into the powers of the mind that others are afraid of. The complexity of your mind makes it easy to uncover what lies underneath.

You are passionate in love and everything in which you become involved. You are an individual painted in vivid colors - there is no such thing as a pastel Scorpio.


Content from Joanna Martine Woolfolk

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