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New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces


New moon in Pisces

Let me tell you the story about a fallen angel that was sent to earth to be a mediator and a bridge between the form and the formless. Being here on earth was a scary thing, full of suffering and desires. The fallen angel could feel it all. The pain. The desires. Not only in herself but in people all around her. As if she didn’t have any boundaries - no beginning and no end. All she wanted was to go back to Source. To where she came from. Be free of this painful human form. She now had to choose how she would spend her time on earth. 

Having one foot on earth and another in the house of the Divine she was longing to return back home. She could choose to tune out. She could go into hiding. Numb her senses. Get addicted to anything that would numb her pain. Or. She could see her being sent to earth as a sign that she had a mission. Something greater to mediate. A purpose.

She could accept her mission. With her feet on the ground and her heart wide open she could ask her angel friends to guide her. Show her the way. Although she was a fallen angel she didn’t loose all her power. Her intuition was strong and she almost had psychic abilities. If she stayed open and empty of judgment she could let the Divine Source get her in touch with her higher self. Her guides. Her purpose. 

With a heart full of love and compassion she is the Divine in human form. And so are you reading this. With a New Moon, the Sun is aligned with the moon, and this New Moon with Neptune (ruling planet of Pisces) which opens up the passage between the Divine Source and you. You have access to the depth of your subconscious. Nothing goes unnoticed. What do you secretly dream of? What do you wish to ask? 

Setting intentions can be hard sometimes when you don’t know where you’re going, what your purpose is or what you want in this lifetime. If so, then ask for Clarity. Alignment. Direction. The gateway is open for you to connect to your higher self. Your purpose. Take the opportunity to dip your toe in the infinite ocean of compassion and love. You are always supported and your angels are always close by. Watching over you. Guiding you.

From one fallen angel to another.

I see you.

I am you.

I love you.