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element - fire

QUALITY - fixed


KEY WORD - I will

POLARITY - aquarius  




Your loyalty is beyond question. You are devoted to yourself. All Leos possess a kingdom. The kingdom may be big or small - it may be your home, a lover, a piece of creative work or your whole career. Whatever it is, you are unquestionably the ruler of this kingdom. Self assurance surrounds Leo people like a ghost image on a television set. While others wait in the wings, you bask in the spotlight. You don’t have to look for a role to play in life. You’ve found it. You are the monarch of all you survey.

Witty, vivacious and a fluent talker - you are a born entertainer who can lend spice to any occasion. Your energy is electric and people gravitate to you as steel filings to a magnet. Because your nature is flamboyant and expansive you despite the humdrum, the ordinary and the dull. If you invite people to your castle you entertain them royally. You are a splendid host.

Others may become reconciled to accepting second best but not Leos. Born under the most royal sign of the zodiac there is absolutely nothing Leos can think of that’s too good for them. Luxury is as vital to you as breathing. You want to enjoy the good life, never mind what it costs. Generous, kind and openhearted you find it hard to believe ill of others. If injured you strike back quickly but you also forgive easily and never hold a grudge.

You are very affectionate and cheerful. The Sun is your ruler and you always bring some sunshine into the lives of others. And of course this is one of your most endearing traits. In many ways you are like the Sun itself - life enhancing, radiating energy and magnetism, burning with steady fixity. Astrologers call Leos ‘eternal children’ for you take pleasure from the moment and are uninhibited in giving affection. No one could ask for a better friend.


Content from Joanna Martine Woolfolk

“The only astrology book you’ll ever need”