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Where do they come from. How can one know the right one and why does some feel uncomfortable in making. How can some just feel so right like you’re riding a wave.



Where do they come from. How can one know the right one and why does some feel uncomfortable in making. How can some just feel so right like you’re riding a wave.

You really don’t know where your decisions come from. They just pop up in your head and you go with it. That is, if you haven’t done some serious thinking about it - weighing your options and taken all the different scenarios into consideration. Although you never could think your way through, for you never possibly could know all the different outcomes. If everything in the world is connected and affect and impact each other you don’t have the knowledge about the future or how people and things are going to behave. The possibilities are infinite. 

Our minds make it ‘simple'. We think of a few outcomes, consider them and the emotions they bring to life and make a snap judgement from that we think we know. It can of course be more complex than that. Our egos have a huge part in it as well. That’s one of the parameters we bounce the decision off on. Does it align with our persona. Is it according to who I am and how I want to be seen. What would people think of me. What do I think of me if I do such and such. Sometimes just thinking of that can make us suffer. We can suffer our own little play we have in our heads of things that haven’t even happened yet. Not knowing the outcome of a situation causes anxious people. Nervous people. Stressed people. If we could just agree that we don’t know anything before it happens life would be less serious and people more adaptable. We would be more awake to the things moving around us and able to ride the wave of life as it shows up.

Sometimes a decision pops up in your head out of nowhere pulling you towards something specific. Where does your mind get the information from. How does it know what you don’t and yet it feels so right. It’s like a intellectual downloading, but from where. I want to believe it’s the universe guiding you - helping you out due to most of the time don’t know what to do and what is best for you. When a decision goes your way and the outcome is to your favour one can say “well, I made the right choice”. Yes, maybe you did or it was someone else’s doing.

With this knowledge I now know to not put too much weight on right or wrong decisions because one possibly could not know. I choose to be more in tune with my guides and less in my own head. I know that I don’t have all the answers and I don’t wish to spend my days making up plays of what ifs. To clarify - I’m not touching on the topic of right and wrong actions, or actions that hurt others and causes pain. I’m talking about everyday life and all the thousand different decisions you make in a day. So when something doesn’t go your way, look at all the variables - they’re infinite. Blame has no place here. You are doing the best you can. Play with it. Experience life. You came out of this world with a few survival instincts but not with all the knowledge of what to do and what is right - if there even is such a thing. You’ve learned what you like and dislike with time and experience. Life is a journey and you’re in for the ride. Who wants to be right all the time anyway.

If you get anxious by reading this, don’t give it to your mind to solve - it’s not a problem to be solved. Give it to your soul to understand. It knows and recognizes it already. I’m going to leave you with this. If you didn’t give all your decisions to your mind how would you live you life. Where would your intuition take you. If you let the universe guide you, where would you go. Well, you could not possibly think your way to an answer. It’s only experienced by not thinking. What do you think about that.