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The companies I choose to collaborate with have either helped me personally with their products or services, inspires me or are working to help others. I choose them with care and support them in their business.



glada hampan



We are a small business run by us, Aleks and Monika, a couple who are very interested in the many uses of hemp and believe in the positive qualities of its wide range. Our primarily goal is to shine some light on the, often forgotten, benefits of this plant while we spread knowledge and understanding. It is one of the world's most versatile plant with enormous environmental benefits. We hope to inspire people to ask the question - why not hemp. We offer high quality products and in our Online Store you can find everything from different types of Skin Creams, Tea, Protein powder to Oil.

Hemp has a rich history in being one of humanity’s most important plants, but since the prohibition of hemps more notorious cousin the world seems to have forgotten about this wonderful plant. Luckily the tides are finally changing to a more sensible view which hopefully leads to humanity being able to utilize the full potential and healing power of hemp on a bigger scale.

Head over to our website for more information about why we choose hemp, its history and to get your own products.

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