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Pegah has a natural capacity to put aside stories and agenda and tune in to your world, rules by your needs, beliefs and feelings. This great gift means she’s a great companion on the journey of self discovery. One that really cares about your world and your experience. She is then also able to help you sift through all the ‘white noise’ to what really needs your attention.

-Roxan- Edinburgh, Scotland

Pegah’s ability to see things from a range of perspectives and extensive experience in both the spiritual world and the corporate really helped me to look differently at my challenges in the workplace. She is really good at putting issues into perspective and coaches you to understand the underlying reason for your stress and gives you the tools to overcome it.

-arian- perth, australia

Pegah is a very knowledgable, sincere and caring person. She has helped me immensely with her capacity to widen my perspective when looking at situations. She helped me to trust my higher self and remember my capacity and strength.

-dayla- the netherlands