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Getting a reading from Pegah is like having a heart to heart conversation with your best friend. You talk about the deep and beautiful things, the things that you wouldn’t share with just anyone - because it is what sits in your heart and soul.

You can tell Pegah loves what she does, divulging all the info with a smile and sparkling eyes. And she does it with such a light and loving way. She is on point with all that she says and even goes further than what is on your chart by guiding you into better alignment with yourself. Would do this over and over again.

rachelle -montreal, canada-

I am rather sceptical. I need tangible, scientific proof to believe in something. When Pegah offered to read my chart, I let her do it - being mostly curious and amused. But I have to say, she blew my mind! She told me things about my personality that I kinda knew, deep inside of me, but didn’t want to admit. She described me with so much precision that I could not deny anything. She pointed out my qualities but she stayed sweet, true to herself, and she explains everything in a easy way to understand. She can adapt to people and make them feel comfortable - she sparkles, and she is a true wonder.

olivia -Brussels, belgium-  

Pegah is amazingly intuitive. My reading was incredibly accurate and delivered with so much love. I knew when she told me things about myself that no one else knew about me (things I’ve never uttered out loud) that what she had to say about my partner was equally accurate and I was able to use that as a guide for how to communicate with him more efficiently. I learned a lot about myself and I am stronger and wiser for it. I really appreciate this new outlook on life!  Thanks Pegah!

sara -los angeles, usa-

It’s so very inspiring to better know the weight my personal macrocosmos can exert in depth. Pegah shed light on my highest and lowest nature giving me an empowering insight to better manage my life as a perfected version of myself.

samer -lebanon, syria-

Before my reading with Pegah I honestly didn't even know what a birth chart was. I figured I would probably have everything go over my head, since I'm not too fluent in astrology. However, there was something in the way Pegah broke everything down and adapted it for me so that I could easily follow. She was so attentive to seeing if something resonated with me or didn't make sense so that she could go into more detail. It was so comforting that she was not concerned with the amount of time we took. You can't help but feel Pegah's passion for and vast knowledge of astrology which allowed me to put total trust in her. She helped me make better sense of who I am and why I operate the way I always have. This also allowed me to now use the information to understand situations in my life more and help improve my relationships with others (and most importantly myself!). 

I would without a doubt recommend a reading with Pegah to anyone - even if you have little to no knowledge of astrology, like me. It was so enjoyable and fun that I already can't wait for my next one with her so we can dive deeper!

Ashley -maryland, usa-

Pegah’s presence is truly unforgettable. I had the chance to practice yoga by her side as well as having her read my chart. Her reading has inspired me to tap into my truth. She had such impressive accuracy that it validated everything I already thought of myself. Thanks to her, I am more mindful of the way I operate thus, helping me to take better decisions. Thank you, Pegah! I look forward to seeing you in hopefully a near future.

marianna -vancouver, canada-

The reading Pegah gave me the other day was unbelievable. I didn't get it right away, but as time passed I saw and understood myself in another light since I could recognise everything she had told me in almost all my thoughts and actions. And through that I have been able to make more mindful decisions. I got to understand myself on another level, I no longer have the same internal battles, matters between the heart and mind. Navigating life has never been more beautiful. So thank you for making my life just a little brighter, lighter and more beautiful and easygoing than I could ever imagine.

mona -stockholm, sweden-

Pegah gave me my first astrology reading. I was impressed by her ability to make the information clear and described in a way that made me understand (on a basic level) how the houses and the planets work and interact with the signs of the zodiac. The things she told me about myself was completely spot on and she delivered them in a way that was considerate to my feelings and my personality.

Most importantly, I was able to ask questions about what she told me and she was able to emphasize what she saw as the most defining aspects of my zodiac and how I can work with these aspects to live a fuller life. The advice she gave me I carry with me every day and work on incorporating into my life. I feel like I know myself on another level which is actually difficult to describe but I am so excited to learn more.

I am so happy I found Pegah, I will most definitely keep coming back to her to discover and understand my zodiac better and how I can use my personal set-up to evolve in my life. Thank you so much Pegah!

emma -london, uk-

Pegah helped me make more sense of who I am as a person and the things that I need out of life to make myself more full. She really knows what she’s talking about. I would 100% recommend a reading from Pegah to anybody.

Montana -new york, usa-

Having your chart read by Pegah is truly an eyeopening experience! With her positive energy and calm aura she acquainted me to see myself in a different light. I could watch my patterns clearly as an observer. She is simply amazing at what she does.

Leyla -Stockholm, sweden-

I’ve always been interested in astrology but never had a reading before. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was very positively surprised. At first I got a review about astrology at large and a thorough understanding about my own and correlating signs. I got very emotional since Pegah told me things about myself, both things that has happened and that I have been going through and things that might happen in the future, that few people know about. After the reading I was really overwhelmed about all the details that she had pinpointed with such accuracy. At the same time I felt a great inner calm and satisfaction. Pegah’s reading taught me to understand myself and my context better and encouraged me to search for a deeper learning.

I really recommend going to Pegah, whether you are not as familiar as I was before my reading or if you want advice and guidance in a spiritual way. It will definitely be worth it!

Monika -stockholm, sweden-