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symbol - the ram

duality - masculine

Element - fire

quality - cardinal

ruling planet - mars

key word - i am

polarity - libra




Aries is the first sign of the zodiac - it symbolizes new beginnings and represents quick changes and sudden forks in the road. Your life is marked by arriving at a certain place and then being turned in a new direction. Certainly one can say your life is adventurous.

There is a dynamic restlessness to the Aries character. With the Sun in this sign you are an activist and a doer. If you have a new plan or idea - if an enterprise strikes your fancy - you can’t wait to plunge right in. You gravitate toward the center of action and delighted to tell exactly what you think about a certain topic.

Since your nature is to express power, opposition is treated like an annoyance that needs to be brushed out of the way. You are a natural leader who exudes self confidence. From an early age you feel you’re headed for success. Happily you are also generous in helping others in crisis. You are an openhearted friend who shares ideas and advice - and likes to pick up the check.

You have a quality of largesse. You are not interested in the small or petty. There is nothing faint or half hearted about an Arien. Whereas others may be more cautious, you actually enjoy living on the edge. The chase is always better than getting the goal. You are willing to take a gamble, follow a dream, set your mind on a goal and pursue it with irresistible enthusiasm.

Your supreme quality of optimism attracts others. Underneath there may lurk insecurity, but no one will ever know about it. Independence is a keyword. You want to run the whole show. Should you come up against a superior force you’ll bend but never break.


Content from Joanna Martine Woolfolk

“The only astrology book you’ll ever need”